The Orb (eBook) - Front Cover

Athena Kalas was born in Chicago, where she was raised with the oral tradition of storytelling of Greek myths and heroes passed down by her ancestors, instead of the usual princesses and nursery rhymes.

Kalas has always been fascinated with ancient civilizations, especially Ancient Greece, and the vivid stories of the gods and superheroes created by the ancient people to explain the world around them. As she climbed up the steps leading to the Acropolis, “I marveled at the marble steps that had been worn down smooth from the countless number of feet traversing the same path for over 2500 years. As I stared at the beautifully carved marble glistening in the bright summer sunlight, I could almost see in my mind’s eye, the procession of kings, nobles, priests, priestesses and commoners all making their way up the mountain to bring offerings in celebration of their goddess. With awe shining from my eyes and goose bumps racing across my skin, I tried to picture how the ruins of the Parthenon and the Porch of Maidens must have looked in the time of Pericles.”

The monsters Athena battles against daily are the leukemias and lymphomas she helps to diagnose in the hospital laboratory where she works. Kalas has also finished her most recent quest by completing her Masters in Education and becoming a certified elementary teacher.

She continues to live in the Chicagoland area with her husband and two sons along with their gecko, two birds, fish, and a Doberman named Ares.



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